Yarmouth Conservation Trust
YCT 54 acre CR protects Hospital Bog's autumn color.. YCT 54 acre CR protects Hospital Bog's autumn color..
Mission: Yarmouth Conservation Trust (YCT) preserves open space to protect woodlands, water, wildlife habitats, and scenic views throughout Yarmouth.
YCT Success Stories

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Sea Holly Park after undevelopment.
Dennis Pond
Public and Town officials dedicate Anniversary Park on Route 28.

Yarmouth Conservation Trust leads un-development projects

We have all seen the eyesores. Maybe it’s a defunct gas station or a dilapidated motel that squats stubbornly on the road’s edge. Perhaps a languishing motel or abandoned, decaying house blocks an otherwise beautiful view. Driving by, we shake our heads and wishfully mutter,“ Someone should do something about that place.”

Communities like Yarmouth are undeveloping the land along roadways and downtowns by removing or relocating deserted buildings in an effort to restore wildlife habitat, establish public parks and resurrect scenic views. Undevelopment is an innovative idea often spearheaded by pro-active land trusts that can be used to acquire more open space. The Yarmouth Conservation Trust has led two undevelopment projects that have broken new ground, or rather reclaimed old ground.

Forward-thinking land trusts will continue to discover open space opportunities through undevelopment initiatives. Land that has been built upon can be undeveloped to enhance scenic vistas, expand wildlife habitats and establish pocket parks for people in densely developed neighborhoods. The undevelopment idea inspires a unique vision of communities reclaiming their rural character and restoring the environment - one lot at a time, just like Yarmouth's Anniversary Park and Sea Holly Park

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